This section informs you about the training opportunities and professional prospects at Meyer Drehtechnik.

Which professions can I learn, and how is the apprenticeship organised?

As a lateral entrant, will I also be given a chance at Meyer Drehtechnik?

Why should I start working for Meyer Drehtechnik as a machinist?

Training paths

Dual-curriculum apprenticeships

The company, vocational college and the association partners cooperate closely
Are you interested in high-tech products, computer technology and state-of-the-art machinery. Are you good with your hands and have an aptitude for precision and exact work?

As a machining mechanic, you will build precision parts made of metal through the use of cutting procedures like turning, milling or grinding. You will work independently using CNC-controlled tool machines and are an essential part of the manufacturing. Not only will you learn how to operate the machine hardware and software, but also the application of cutting-edge testing technology. You can look forward to a fascinating profession with many different aspects. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to complete qualifications in addition to the regular in-house training.

Apprenticeships to become a machining mechanic last 3.5 years. Among other things, the first year explains the theory of the working processes and mechanical cutting (filing, sawing, chiselling, drilling, milling, turning). These basic skills are then solidified in the practical part, especially manual and mechanical cutting.

The second year focuses on machine cutting (turning, milling, grinding). The syllabus also features the theoretical and practical basics of working with CNC technology.
Training then proceeds to the CNC machine in the third year, which also involves practical application of the basic theoretical CNC skills. Among others, the final six months of the course is used to prepare for the final examinations and complete the practical coursework.

Lateral entrants

Intensive courses at the Training Centre get you ready for the job
You do not have experience in the offered position, but would still be interested in accepting a new challenge? Here at Meyer Drehtechnik, we offer applicants from outside the industry plenty of opportunities to get started.
We will agree with you and our association partners a training plan that it precisely tailored to your needs, depending on whether you have prior knowledge in the field of metalworking. And it really doesn’t matter whether you are currently a job-seeker or simply looking for a new professional challenge.

New challengers

Experienced beginners in our industry are given extensive in-house training
Are you experienced in your field, a passionate machinist, and would like to accept a new challenge at Meyer Drehtechnik?

You will be very welcome, as our individual onboarding programme includes mentors who will gladly help with advice and assistance to make your start with us that bit easier. This way you will soon become one of our excellently qualified specialists.

Additional seminars on technologies, machines and processes are included in our scheduled training programme.

We are certified according to IATF 16949.

In 2015, we were given a special prize.
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We are ambassadors of the Erzgebirge!
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