This section informs you about the training opportunities and professional prospects at Meyer Drehtechnik.

Which professions can I learn, and how is the apprenticeship organised?

As a lateral entrant, will I also be given a chance at Meyer Drehtechnik?

Why should I start working for Meyer Drehtechnik as a machinist?



Still looking for an apprenticeship position?
We provide training in a variety of professions with attractive remuneration and many social benefits and offer a modern working environment with a diverse and interesting training programme!

· Machining mechanic (gn.)
· Specialists for metalworking (gn.)
· Specialists for warehouse logistics (gn.)

E-Mail: job(at)meyer-drehtechnik.de


Informational film by the German Association of the Turned Components Industry on the apprenticeship to becoming a machining mechanic – highly informative and interesting.

Lateral entrants

You do not have any experience in the offered position, but would still be interested in developing your career?

That’s not a problem! We also offer qualification opportunities for motivated lateral entrants in almost all professions.

· CNC-operator (gn.)
· CNC-fitters (gn.)

E-Mail: job(at)meyer-drehtechnik.de


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New challengers

Do you already have experience in our industry, but are looking for a new challenge?
Are you interested in working on high-tech machinery with CNC technology?
Our onboarding programme gives you the opportunity to work in an attractive environment at the heart of the Erzgebirge region. Just apply!

· CNC operators (gn.)
· CNC fitters (gn.)
· Mechatronic engineers (gn.)

E-Mail: job(at)meyer-drehtechnik.de


Degree programmes at the Vocational Academy

Would like to work regularly and address issues in the field of industrial production?

If so, you would be the perfect candidate for a degree programme in industrial production at the Vocational Academy.

This highly practical programme is organised in close collaboration between the Vocational Academy Glauchau and out company. Upon graduation, you will be able to use engineering methods to structure production workflows and other areas.

E-Mail: job(at)meyer-drehtechnik.de


We are certified according to IATF 16949.

In 2015, we were given a special prize.
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We are ambassadors of the Erzgebirge!
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Our projects were funded.