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We respect and protect our environment.
We therefore attach significant importance to resource efficiency in our operations. Production waste is minimized and then fed into a regulated recycling process. For example, we separate oil from turned parts and chips and return it to the production cycle.

For example, our central extraction system increases the quality of air while also ensuring thermal recovery for heating purposes. We feed the waste heat from the production machinery into underground pipes and transport it around 400 m away to the underfloor heating in the new, approximately 1500 m² logistics building. By doing so, we make optimized use of thermal energy as a byproduct and can therefore dispense entirely with the use of fossil fuels for heating purposes.

Social commitment

We achieve success as a team.
From its inception, Meyer Drehtechnik GmbH has been determined to allow its employees to participate in the success of the company and to help shape its positive development.
The measures we apply to achieve this aim include a variety of remuneration components.

We are family friendly.
A key element in the family-friendly approach of our company is to pay for the kindergarten costs, including meals. At the same time, we structure our shift models to ensure that the work rosters enable reconciliation of professional and family life.

Our employees are highly appreciative of the free lunch and profit-sharing schemes, as well as the Christmas and holiday bonuses. Not to forget our popular Christmas parties.


We feel responsible.
We have strong roots in the Erzgebirge region and feel responsible for its well-being. Besides a variety of regional commitments, we have been the sponsor of the local sports club ATSV Gebirge/Gelobtland for several years.

We have supported ATSV Gebirge / Gelobtland eV as its main sponsor since 2015. The club is home to around 500 athletes in the disciplines of skiing, football, gymnastics, table tennis and equestrian sport in Marienberg and the surrounding areas.

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We are certified according to IATF 16949.

In 2015, we were given a special prize.
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We are ambassadors of the Erzgebirge!
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Our projects were funded.